Our Mission
Make a Difference Foundation is a Florida-based, non-profit organization committed to inspiring others to build a better world by making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.
Our Story
When first meeting Dave and Bobbi Norris, it was immediately apparent that they were both extraordinarily kind, thoughtful people who are guided by an unwavering faith in God and love of family.  Moreover, they are two people were blessed with successful professional careers which rewarded them with abundance and financial prosperity, allowing them to travel the globe, experience new cultures and meet people in all walks of life - none of which they ever took for granted.  
In fact, bound together by the same core values and passion for helping others, Dave and Bobbi had always endeavored to identify opportunities that would allow them to "give back," "pay-it-forward," and generally do good for those most in need. They achieved this by being doting, loving parents and grandparents and loyal friends and business partners; playing active roles in their church; ministering to inmates in local county correctional facilities; volunteering their time to many civic causes; donating dollars to various charities around the country; and generally extending simple kindnesses to people with financial, physical or emotional needs.  
Never hesitating to ask "how can we help?", they were good people doing good deeds, leading fulfilling lives surrounded by people they loved and respected.  Life couldn't be any better... until it was not.
In 2015, Dave was diagnosed with Metastatic Gastric Adenocarcinoma, a form of stomach cancer that is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide.  Despite being given a grim prognosis and knocking their lives topsy-turvy, Dave and Bobbi systematically approached Dave's care and treatment with the same conviction and positive attitudes that had come to define their lives up until that pivotal time.  Given their deep trust in God's loving care and through relentless prayer, the miracle of modern medicine and the tireless support of their family, friends and world class care providers, Dave and Bobbi prevailed. Following months of aggressive, grueling treatment, tests revealed that no cancer cells had survived in Dave's body. 
Profoundly thankful for God's healing grace, Dave and Bobbi determined that it was incumbent upon them to do more - to take their philanthropic efforts to the next level, committing to finding ways to inspire others to help them make a positive difference in more people's lives through simple kindnesses. .Thus, the Make a Difference Foundation took flight.
In November 2018, following what was a triumphant battle over cancer, Dave suffered some resulting complications that led to a sudden illness and his passing.  When sharing the news that God had called Dave home, his family said, "We will not remember the illness, but the life.  We will remember the life of a man who was the rock of his family; who built companies while running marathons; who beat cancer, and then made a difference for those still fighting; who shot a hole-in-one as well as three-pointers; who enjoyed cocktails and good conversation; and who gave far more than a lifetime of love and good memories in his 68 wonderful years with us.  He passed with family by his side and love all around."
Helping to celebrate the life of Dave and to perpetuate the mission he began with his loving wife and partner, Bobbi continues the important work of the Make a Difference Foundation.  Today, the foundation remains dedicated to raising funds and providing critical resources to actively support charitable programs that are squarely aligned with Dave and Bobbi's underpinning values; and offer people in need essential comfort, family assistance and opportunities for personal growth.
Make A Difference Foundation's Co-Founders Dave and Bobbi Norris

Bobbi Norris

Over the past three decades, Bobbi has earned distinction as a highly experienced business executive and independent consultant to the U.S. Healthcare industry with specialized expertise in the areas of hospital operations, government compliance, revenue cycle management, Medicare reimbursement, nutrition and technology enhancements. As the founder and CEO of BAN Health Care Consulting, Bobbi has advised many of the industry's largest health systems and provider networks on mission critical growth objectives and execution.  She has recently expanded her consulting services to include patient and family care provider advocacy programming and support to select care organizations.

Dave Norris

Before his untimely passing in November 2018, Dave was a serial entrepreneur, financial expert, corporate builder, investment banker and noted philanthropist with over 40 years proven experience in the public and private sectors.  As CEO of Bottom Line Advisors, Dave helped to guide and direct capital formation strategies, tactical business development and corporate governance matters for clients operating in a broad range of high growth industries. 

While Dave is no longer of this Earth, his vision and commitment to helping others remains vibrant, living on through the work of  The Make A Difference Foundation.